4. ‘Ruthless’ Robbie Lawler

“Ruthless” Robbie Lawler is perhaps the one on this list most likely to deliver a fight of the night, or the year, and the chances of it being a tactical Jiu Jitsu battle are slim. Whilst maybe not as technically gifted as some on this list (and that is not to say he isn’t very, very good), Robbie has bags of heart, toughness and seems to positively enjoy straight up, stand up wars.

In the early days of the UFC the young Robbie Lawler would often demonstrate his heavy hands to get knock out wins but was a bit too reckless to get to the very top in the promotion. Now a veteran, Lawler has learnt to be a bit more measured but has retained his power and ability to excite; this combination has propelled him to the UFC welterweight title and a new legion of fans.

Rumour has it that Conor McGregor would like to step up in weight again should he capture lightweight gold and face Lawler for the welterweight strap. If that happens, don’t blink!

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