5. Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson

The only non champion shown here and there were many other contenders, but I have chosen Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson because he knocks people out! Despite coming from a wrestling background, Johnson is now best known for his heavy hands (much like Robbie Lawler) having knocked out more people in under a minute than any other fighter in UFC history.

Anthony Johnson has had an up and down career, fighting through different weight classes in various promotions but he is now settled back in the UFC at light heavyweight, which appears to be his natural domain. Since his return, his devastating power with both hands and feet has seen him become the first man to stop Alexander Gustafsson with strikes and the first man to drop current light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier, although Cormier recovered to take the victory.

Johnson is now in prime position to face Jon Jones, should ‘Bones’ overcome nemesis Daniel Cormier once again. Johnson’s raw power versus Jones’ technical wizardry would certainly make for an intriguing stand up war.

The only disappointing thing about Johnson is that he doesn’t come out to Ant and Dec classic, ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’…

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