Wayne Alexander (Former European light-middleweight champion)

The boxer that had the best jab in my eyes was former world heavyweight champion Larry Holmes. His jab was near perfect. It was fast and hard and sharp and he had great timing with it. What made it so special was the fact he could keep it up from round one to round 12.

Chris Billam-Smith (Current European cruiserweight champion)

My good mate George Groves. He held it low so it was hard to see it coming. It was lightning quick, accurate, and he put all his weight behind it. I’d say 80% of the blood I’ve lost in in my life was from George’s jab.

Tyrone McKenna (Super-lightweight contender)

Big Larry Holmes has the best jab in boxing history. It never came from a straightforward angle. He always held it low and was fast and accurate with it. It set up his back hands perfectly.

Jamie Moore (Top trainer)

There have been so many to choose from, but, being a southpaw, my pick would be Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright. He had an amazing jab.

Winky Wright
Ronald ‘Winky’ Wright, Stephanie Trapp/TGB