What’s your mood like ahead of the fight?

I’m excited. I’ve worked very, very hard for this fight. I’m in a good place mentally and physically. All I have to do now is just peform which I always do.

My first pro fight in the Echo arena, it’s going to be amazing. I reckon the atmosphere’s going to unbelievable. I’m going to listen to my coach. I’m going to keep my shape, work my jab, keep my cool.

Keep level headed and do what I’m told.

You’ve been known in your amateur days to wade into a tear up when you didn’t need to.

I’ve learned my lesson. I was over training and I had three rounds to make an impression. Now the six round format suits my style a bit more. With these little gloves, when I’m hitting them, they’re feeling the shots. I just feel I’ve improved as a whole under Dave Coldwell.

I made a lot of mistakes in the amateurs, I’m trying my best to correct them.

I was doing a lot of things wrong that I thought was right. I’ve always worked extremely hard, now I’m training a lot cleverer. I’m doing a lot one on one with Dave. I want to show my improvement, that I’m a different fighter to what I was in the amateurs. That’s important to me.

Danny [Wilson] has got me so much more explosive and powerful. I’m moving faster. I’m fighting at 11st now, whereas in the amateurs I was fighting 12st. I’m fighting at a lighter weight now.

In the amateurs you were having to fight bigger guys.

They were all six foot, six foot one, I’m only 5’ 11”. They were naturally bigger men. They were coming down from 12½st, I’m 11½st. They were bigger than me. Now I’m fighting people my own size.

What do you think of Jay Byrne as the opponent in just your third fight?

People keep saying he’s tough. I’ve travelled the world fighting tough, tough, elite fighters, the best in their country for years. I don’t want a walk in the park.

I want people like Jay Byrne who come, they show a bit of ambition. He’s going to feel the strength behind my jab, the snap in my shots.

He’s boxed Felix Cash, he’s boxed Josh Kelly… I’m known for hurting people. He’s probably taking confidence from Kelly and Cash didn’t [hurt him]. I think I’m a lot more powerful than they are.

Would it be nice to put on a better display against him than Josh Kelly did?

Of course, obviously Josh is a friend but every fight I go into now I want to perform. I want people talking about me.

I’m taking this very, very seriously because this is professional boxing. I’ve trained six days a week, I’m doing everything I’m told. I want the reward on fight night.