Dave Allen (Heavyweight contender)

I don’t think John Ryder is big enough to beat Callum Smith, who, for me, is elite at 168 pounds and can go up to 175 and trouble everyone there. John is a top fighter, though, who is tough enough and clever enough to get the second half of the fight, which is where I think the fight may end.

Mickey Helliet (Promoter, manager)

I think Smith is in a class of his own at super-middleweight right now. This looks like a very tough assignment for Ryder. The only tactic I could see having any chance of causing Smith problems would be to close down the ring space and score with flurries at close quarters. But, as a betting man, I wouldn’t be putting any money on Ryder here.

Dan Sarkozi (Super-welterweight prospect)

John Ryder is a quality boxer but Callum Smith appears to be a special talent. There aren’t many boxers in and around the super-middleweight division I would give a chance of beating Callum.

Gary Logan (Former Southern Area champion, trainer)

Ryder is one of boxing’s true gents. Callum’s classy, too, and huge for the weight with those long dangerous levers of his. John’s got to bring it to Callum to achieve any success. Problem is, the Liverpool man loves it close range too. Callum in seven for me, I’m gutted to say.

Callum Smith
Callum Smith is our panellists’ pick