Michael Conlan (Featherweight contender)

Josh has a lot of options. I think Adam Booth (Conlan’s coach) would be a good choice if he is to stay in the UK to train. Adam could add to Josh’s game in terms of defence. If he’s willing to move abroad, however, I would say Buddy McGirt would be a good choice. I think he would fit Josh’s personality.

Wayne Alexander (Former European champion)

I would suggest he goes for either Adam Booth or Mark Tibbs. Both are still relatively young and ambitious and have proven they can produce champions with different kinds of styles. They also have a good crop of young fighters in their camps to help push Josh to stay on top of his game – which is the hardest part once you become champion.

Declan Taylor (Journalist)

He has so many options if he stays in the UK and a good one would be Ben Davison, who has time on his hands after splitting with Tyson Fury. He could also follow his old stablemate Carl Frampton to Jamie Moore, which would undoubtedly work. If Taylor decides to head to America, Derrick James would be a superb fit.

Nigel Wright (Former English champion)

It’s disappointing when you see boxers split from coaches. It’s normally because of a defeat – they look to blame someone, or they might need a change – but Taylor and McGuigan were on fire. It’s looking like he will go with Roach now, but I think he should patch things up with McGuigan and put their differences aside. This is a very short career. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach is one of the names linked with guiding Josh Taylor (Action Images)