Derek Williams (Former European heavyweight champion)

Chisora or Parker are both interesting fights for Usyk, so I wouldn’t mind which of the two ends up facing him. Usyk did amazingly well as a cruiserweight and he is a fantastic boxer, but I’m still not completely sold on him as a heavyweight.

Andy Clarke (Commentator)

Chisora. He’s British and it’s good for the sport domestically to have our own fighters in world title fights. Also, I think he’ll bring more excitement to the promotion than Parker. And given that I don’t believe either one of them can beat Usyk, that extra box office appeal matters.

Mikey Helliet (Manager and promoter)

In terms of technical ability, Usyk is in a different class to both Parker and Chisora. After taking a safety-first approach to his fight with Anthony Joshua, Parker failed to seize the opportunity against Dillian Whyte, even when Whyte looked there for the taking. At least with Dereck we’ll see a more explosive encounter. But for me Usyk is way too cute for anyone outside the elite.

Ryan Walsh (British featherweight champion)

Chisora. I’m a ‘Del Boy’ fan, so I’m biased. Plus, he’s British and the spider bite (suffered by Parker) leaves Chisora in a better and more active position. Usyk no doubt does better business in the UK. The UK fans are fairer and more knowledgeable on the whole and the Ukrainians have been welcomed with open arms on multiple occasions. They are very well respected.

Dereck Chisora
Most want to see Chisora fight Usyk next – but few think he can win (Action Images/Peter Cziborra)