9. Lou Ambers

Years active: 1932-1941

Fight Record: 88-8-6, 29 KO

Championships: lightweight (2x)

Lou Ambers (Luigi D’Ambrosio) held the world lightweight title between 1936-38 and again between 1939-40. The upstate New Yorker blew into championship prominence in 1933 and stayed there until 1940. He did it by combining toughness and determination with intelligence. Very nimble, agile and mobile, Ambers made it difficult for opponents to plant a solid blow. He could also slug it out with the best adopting a whirlwind style of non-stop aggression and his celebrated scalps included Tony Canzoneri twice and triple titlist Henry Armstrong and champions Fritzie Zivic, Baby Arizmendi twice, Johnny Jadick, Frankie Klick and Sammy Fuller.

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