1 Eubank Jnr W UD 12 Arthur Abraham

Although a long time past his best, there is an argument to be made that Abraham, a former champion at both middleweight and super-middleweight, remains the best opponent Eubank Jnr has faced as a pro. Certainly, his 2017 decision win over him is up there with his best.

2 Eubank Jnr W UD 12 James DeGale

Like Abraham, Degale, at the time of fighting Eubank Jnr in 2019, was sadly past his best. He was also unable to offer much of an impression of his old self, resigned to instead being bum-rushed for 12 rounds before widely losing on the cards.

3 Smith W TKO 10 Jessie Vargas

This was Smith’s last big win and it happened in 2022 at Madison Square Garden of all places. It was there he not only beat a former super-lightweight and welterweight champion in Vargas but also managed to stop him before the final bell.

4 Smith W RTD 9 Liam Williams

Five years before Eubank Jnr got hold of him, Smith beat Williams when he was firing on all cylinders and at his very best. He beat him by ninth-round retirement stoppage in April of 2017, then repeated the trick, this time on points, in a November rematch.

5 Eubank Jnr W TKO 12 Dmitrii Chudinov

The first real statement win of Eubank Jnr’s career, this 2015 victory saw the Brighton man break the will and spirit of Russia’s Chudinov before taking him out in the 12th and final round.

6 Eubank Jnr W UD 12 Liam Williams

A strange fight from last year, Eubank Jnr started it quickly, dropping Williams with a jab in the very first round, before settling down and appearing content just to win on points. Along the way he dropped Williams a further three times but still the stoppage eluded him.

7 Smith W TKO 8 Anthony Fowler

To win this spicy all-Liverpool affair in 2021 Smith had to weather the early Fowler storm before ultimately using his experience and better punch variety to slow him down and break him down. He did both those things to secure a stoppage in round eight.

8 Eubank Jnr W KO 3 Avni Yildirim

Arguably Eubank Jnr at his spiteful best, this third-round dismissal of Turkey’s outspoken Yildirim in 2019 showed that when he plants his feet and looks for the finish Eubank Jnr hits plenty hard enough to make a dent in fellow contenders.

9 Smith W TKO 5 Sam Eggington

Likeminded spirits, Smith and Eggington traded blows in 2019, with Smith, the one with the greater experience and all-round ability, coming out on top after five rounds.

10 Eubank Jnr W RTD 7 Gary O’Sullivan

Following yet another buildup featuring needle and some verbal back and forth, it was Eubank Jnr who again had the last laugh, this time forcing O’Sullivan to retire on his stool after seven rounds in 2015.