Terry Flanagan on…

His upbringing
It was a madhouse. It was only a small three-bedroom council house so it was tough; as soon as I was old enough to move out I was out of there. Me dad’s just a painter and decorator, a hard worker. My mum was a housewife. We didn’t have much growing up but we got enough, everything we wanted. Having a close family is more important than money.

I’ve always been like a respectable kid, I never really got into trouble. I wouldn’t say I was the cleverest at school, but I got me head down, worked hard and I always said I was gonna be a boxer. The teachers used to say you need something to fall back on.

Giving up scaffolding
I’ve been full-time since I won the English title. I just miss the craic with the lads, having a laugh but I still go to the yard to see them or on the sites near me house. I don’t miss it in this weather but in the summer time you can have a laugh. But it gives me chance to concentrate more on me boxing – I can train in the mornings, come home, get in bed and get meself ready for the evening session.

His family
He was two last week, Frankie. I get to see more of him but I come home and get in bed and he cries coz he wants to play with me, so it’s hard. Me missus knows the score, she’s been with me from the start, she knows what I go through.
I like it here in Ancoats, I’m happy, Wit all me family. Me mum lives two minutes away, her mum lives a few minutes the other way.

On trainer Steve Maylett
He’s drilled in a winning mentality. Skills-wise and teaching, we’re always learning. He trains me hard, I never miss a session. I’ve always had good footwork but I just needed to mature and he’s seen that and brought it out of me. We’re good friends but I know he’s the boss. He tells me what to eat, when to sleep, what not to do, when to be in the gym, when to leave and I do it 100 per cent, whatever he says goes. I know he wants the best for me so I do what he says.

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