TERENCE CRAWFORD has continued his online criticism of WBC welterweight champion Danny Garcia by slamming the Philadelphian’s upcoming non-title fight with Samuel Vargas.

WBC and WBO super-lightweight champion Crawford recently confirmed a December 1o defence against John Molina, who is coming off an electric win over Ruslan Provodnikov.

Garcia fights huge underdog Vargas this weekend, though his father – the polarising Angel Garcia – panned Crawford’s fight with Molina in a recent interview and Crawford took to social media in response.

“What’s wrong with this guy? How can you talk about me and John Molina, but you go out there and fight a fighter that’s worse than John Molina?,” he mused.

“That don’t even add up, the guy is ranked 42 in the division, what is that? And then you’ve got the nerve to speak about me fighting John Molina. You should’ve took the fight with John Molina, then that would’ve been a better fight than the one you’ve taken now.”

Crawford also made some unfounded claims that Angel Garcia is on drugs, which drew some criticism from the Omaha native’s fans.

@Dannyswiftgarcia tell yo dad say no to drugs

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Garcia has faced a lot of criticism over his choice of Vargas as an opponent, given that Samuel was destoyed by Errol Spence last year. However Garcia is scheduled to fight Keith Thurman in March, in what will be a mouth-watering unification fight. However Crawford, despite his obvious differences with Garcia, paid him a backhanded compliment by suggesting that his fight with Thurman is not as one-sided as some seem to think.