DAVID HAYE is out of his clash with Tony Bellew that was due for December 17 in London’s 02 Arena.

David was running the stairs as part of a workout, slipped and went to grab the stair rail and somehow tore his biceps, which is a freak accident but it is very doable. I used to run stairs a lot as a fighter and it can be pretty dangerous, especially when you’re listening to your music, it’s easy to miss a step.

Haye, 37 has been boxing now since he was a boy and this puts so much strain on the body. As durable as a fighter’s body is, after this many years it becomes fragile. He had a great amateur career and now 31 fights in the pro ranks at cruiser and heavyweight is a lot.

We have seen him pull out of big fights in the past against Klitschko and Fury, now this with Bellew.

I feel sorry for everyone involved. It’s training camps that put the most wear and tear on the body. Now Bellew has been in camp for weeks for this fight, putting his own body through torture and with nothing at the end. His trainer Dave Coldwell I’m guessing won’t be getting paid for his work in the camp, as trainers normally get paid after the fight (I don’t know if these have this deal but most do). The promoter who has been promoting the fight certainly doesn’t get paid and then us as fans don’t get to see the biggest rematch of the year.

They are talking about having it in March or May. Whether or not that happens, we will hear soon enough.

Bellew is a good friend of mine since the amateur days and he was on my podcast, we had a great conversation about his career and starring in Creed the movie. You can listen to Tony Bellew and myself talking here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/box-n-life-podcast-life-in-out-of-the-boxing-gym/id924241760?mt=2&i=1000361704356

David Haye