By Shaun Brown

ALTHOUGH on December 16 Sunny Edwards finally gets the dance partner his career needs in the shape of Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez, somewhere down the line he would like one from his own country.

“I need the dance partner, I need the UK one,” Edwards told Boxing News.

“I haven’t had that yet coming through and Galal’s (Yafai) that guy. How easy is it to sell a world champion versus Olympic champion that [I] boxed in the amateurs and I won. He was the favourite because oh, Rob McCracken was the Head of GB and oh, Rob McCracken five, six, seven years later is his professional trainer. It’s not really hard to connect the dots of why it would be such a satisfying fight for me.

“Obviously, he was heavily favoured even though I beat him [in 2015] as an amateur and I feel like it’s no secret why. I feel like I’m ready for that fight whenever, but I hope he gets to me as dangerous and in as hyped a state as possible, just like ‘Bam’ is now. I could’ve probably done with Bam two fights ago before he went and looked ordinary twice.”

Galal Yafai is eyeing his own seat at the flyweight top table, not far from where both Edwards, 20-0 (4), and Rodriguez, 18-0 (11) currently sit. Yafai, who was exquisite during his run to a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, has only had five professional contests so far but the words “fast tracked” have been part of the narrative since his debut in February 2022. The 30-year-old has gone the distance just once – a split decision against Gohan Rodriguez Garcia – and last time out was spiteful when demolishing former British champion Tommy Frank in one round.

The mind of Sunny Edwards is always ticking and despite the Rodriguez fight looming large he has seemingly agreed a fight, albeit over social media, with the legendary Roman Gonzalez should he defeat Rodriguez. But if Yafai is to be his UK dance partner, how far away does he believe it is from happening?

“Whenever they pick up the phone,” he said. “Eddie [Hearn] knows it’s whenever he wants it because I’m ready for that fight, I’m ready for anyone in the world. I am the standard right now.

“They’re sparring, doing their fights to get ready for my standard right now. Let’s be real, I’ve been setting it. I’ve been having the fights. I’m going to beat Bam and really prove it. Anyone that comes in the ring with me or in the gym sees it. Everyone close sees the real level and I’ve got levels to go through yet in the boxing ring. I don’t think the boxing world deserves me all of the time. They’ll have it when I can be ready to give it.”