SUNNY EDWARDS is turning professional. The younger brother of English flyweight champion Charlie Edwards, Sunny was a champion amateur, winning the England Boxing Elite championships at 49kgs in 2015. A member of the GB squad, he beat 2016 Olympian Galal Yafai in that tournament. Edwards will be managed by MGM Marbella and train out there with Danny Vaughan.

“Losing in the ABAs [this year] on a very, very close one, I think that tipped me over… I thought these three rounds ain’t for me,” Sunny told Boxing News.

A slick, mobile counter-puncher, Sunny is convinced the pros will suit him better. “Completely. My fitness is there. For the last 15, 16 months I’ve been doing 10 rounds straight off with Charlie,” he continued. “Ever since Charlie’s been pro I’ve been doing 10 rounds straight off with him.

“I think it’s the right time now… Things could have gone very differently if I’d been a bit lucky but it didn’t so I’ve just got to play the cards I’m dealt. As soon as I saw Charlie boxing on these big shows, boxing, let’s face it, worse opposition than I was boxing in the ABAs and getting paid a lot of money to do it, it’s hard to keep turning up when you see that and I’m there, front row, for all these big fights and seeing boxers technically and in terms of natural ability I’m much, much better than doing real good things.

“I want to get to the highest level I can achieve, hopefully that’s world level, hopefully I can become a world champion. But I just want to have as many fights, I’ll fight everyone and anyone out there. That’s what I want to do.

“I’ll go for my apprenticeship, have a couple of fights learning the ropes, then I want to get in the big fights.”