CARL FRAMPTON put in a top shift against Chris Avalos at the weekend, and I hope he now gets it on with Scott Quigg. They’re at similar stages of their careers, on paper it’s an even fight and it should happen for the good of boxing. Hopefully it will also start the ball rolling on more matches that the fans want to see, being made.

At VIP Promotions we’ve just put together exactly that kind of fight with Luke Blackledge and Liam Cameron agreeing to meet for the Commonwealth super-middleweight title on April 4. I’m over the moon we’ve been able to make such a great fight for our channel, although we couldn’t do it without the support of our sponsors 666Bet. Obviously I wish it was on a bigger TV platform so the lads would be getting more exposure and money but that wasn’t an option.

The fight was straightforward to make, once we got talking all parties were sensible. Everyone knew there was no TV so ‘played the game’ knowing the winner will hopefully get a TV-fight from it and maybe a contract with a major promoter. We never asked for options or rematch clauses because Liam has been fair and if he wins why should we hold him back? Fights should be made like this, it progresses the fighters and with TV shows in short supply that risk-reward element has to be reviewed. It’ll be a cracker, styles make fights and Luke’s pressure will make Liam fight. It’s 50/50, but I hope home advantage will see Luke through.

There’s a big year ahead at VIP Promotions and there are three more quality fights involving our prospects that will be great for British boxing. One is already made, another is in the progress of being made, and the third is sure to happen …

Shayne Singleton versus Sam Eggington happens this Saturday in Hull and we’re expecting fireworks. People seem to think Shayne has had an easy ride getting to 20–0 but we think he’s been brought on correctly and this step is at the right time. He can box as well as fight and, although we rate Sam, we think it’s the other way round and this fight it too early for Eggington. Without doubt though it’s sure to be a proper fight this one!

We’ve been matching VIP fighters together recently and it’s made for really exciting contests, so we’re looking to put Mick Hall and Jack Arnfield together soon. This will be a top contest because Mick really wants to reverse his controversial loss to Jack in the recent Prizefighter and Jack wants to prove he is a lot better than was on the night. It’s also a Northwest derby fight – Blackpool vs Preston – and will be a sell-out when it happens.

Liam Taylor against Jack Caterrall is a fight being talked about a lot in the North and is sure to happen, although maybe not for another 12 months, until after they’ve both really established themselves. Again, their styles mean it will be a cracker, with Jack being a strong big-puncher who stalks his opponents and Liam being a thinking fighter with quick feet and hands. It will be hard to split them when it does happen but I’d just go with Liam’s work rate to edge it – unless he walks onto one of Jack’s bombs! Watch this space…

Steve Wood was talking to John Hannen

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