WHAT should people expect from Frank Buglioni against WBA ‘regular’ world champion Fedor Chudinov?

He’s going to win. He hasn’t reached his potential yet, he’s still improving. He can box, fight, has a great chin, power, and intelligence. He’s going to get better all the time. I said, ‘Take the fight, you’ll beat this kid. The whole division is open in the UK, you can defend your title against the other guys.’ I did the same thing, I stepped in to fight Mike McCallum [in 1990, Collins’ first defeat] when Michael Watson broke his nose. He’s not fighting Mike McCallum, and Frank’s a better fighter than I was when I fought McCallum so the odds are stacked in his favour.

What does the future hold for your son, Steve Collins Jnr?

He understands that he started late. We’re looking at seven, eight years down the road for him, before he hits the big time. He knows it’s going to be slow progress, but it will be progress. I wouldn’t spar him now! He hits me with the pads, and it hurts so much. He’s got so much natural power it’s frightening.

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