YOU may not need The Goff to tell you how important the shoulder muscles and joints are to boxing – where S&C guru Cameron Goff does prove pivotal, however, is in showing you how to train said shoulders to perform an SSC (stretch-shortening cycle). This is a rapid muscle contraction that produces power and the ever-generous Goff has even incorporated some shoulder pre-hab work that strengthens the muscles and reduces the risk of injury. This workout can be done up until three-four weeks out from a fight; the same or a similar workout should be done twice a week for maximum benefits.

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1) Power cleans – 4 sets, 3 reps, 2-3 minutes’ rest, 60-80 per cent of bodyweight load

Start with your barbell on the floor. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart with your hands lined up to the outside of your knees. Sit down into a squat whilst gripping the barbell (overhand) and make sure the bar is tight to your shins. Keep your chest high and your head up and start to lift the bar towards your knees. Once the barbell travels over your knees, start to drag it up your thighs, maintaining your posture. Once the bar can travel no higher, drive through onto your toes and shrug aggressively, bringing your arms up and back until you hold the bar under your chin with your wrists bent back. As the bar starts to lift, fall into a front squat and stand yourself up.

2) Box jumps – 4 sets, 4 reps, 2 minutes’ rest 

Set your box mid-thigh as you stand next to it. Take a half-step back, and sit into a quarter-squat position. Once set, drive your hips forward and jump up onto the box. Fully stand yourself up and step off.

3) Medicine ball dive throws – 3 sets, 4 reps, 60-90 seconds’ rest

Start with your feet square, and your medicine ball held with both hands at chest-height with your elbows in tight to your body. Sit into a quarter-squat position and drive your hips and body forward so you fall forwards. As you start to leave your first position, drive your arms and medicine ball away from your chest and release the ball. As you fall forward, fall into your boxing stance.

4) Single-leg hurdle jumps 3 sets, 8 reps (four each leg), 60 seconds’ rest

Place four hurdles in a straight line with spaces in between. You want to have minimum ground contact, and spend as little time on the floor as possible. Hop over all four hurdles with one leg, jog back to the start and now use your other leg.

Shoulder Pre Hab
5) T-band 90-90 external rotations – 3 sets, 20 reps (10 each arm), 30 seconds’ rest

Place a band around a solid object at shoulder height. Keep your feet square and your chest high. Hold the band with one hand – in a straight line from elbow to band – so it is taut, and keep your elbows high. Once in this position, start to open your shoulder by lifting your wrist towards the ceiling so you will form a 90-degree angle.

6) Swiss ball push-ups – 3 sets, 15 reps, 30 seconds’ rest

You see those big bouncy balls in the gym collecting dust? Grab one, and start in a standard press-up position with your feet on top of the swiss ball. Keep your balance and your body straight. Keep your elbows tight when performing a press up, and allow your chest to fall down towards the floor before pushing the floor away to regain your starting position.

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