WE train so that every fight I look great, I look sharp, I’m in shape and I’m prepared for whatever is in front of me. So, this fight against Roberto Garcia is just like any other fight. I have to come in there. Not only do I have to win but I have to be exciting as well.

Again, I’m going to treat this just like every other fight. Every fight is a must-win because we are winners. We want to win.  Simple as that. I don’t look at Roberto Garcia like he’s any less of any other opponent I’ve already faced. I look at him just the same, like he’s coming in here to take something from me and I have to defend it.

He’s a brawler. He’s a tough fighter. He’s a hard-nosed competitor. We know that and we’re prepared for that. So, we can bang, but we can also box.

I know he’s working hard. I know he’s doing what he thinks he should be doing to get ready for this fight. I understand that he’s had a rough life and I am familiar with him and his upbringing and all that. So I expect him to treat this fight as if it’s the biggest fight of his life, as he has said. So, again, we treat every fight like it’s the biggest fight of our lives. So, we’ve done the same things we always do: work extremely hard in camp.  That way the fight is not easy but we’re coming in there doing everything we can do to win that fight.

I’m a very versatile fighter, so in this fight you will see a lot of different things. You’re going to see everything that works, everything that’s going to be what we think is going to win this fight. There’s going to be a lot of sass stuff, a lot of quick stuff and a lot of powerful stuff. So, you’re going to get it all.  You’re going to get all the Showtime Shawn Porter this fight.

I just have an exciting style and I do what it takes to win, so for me it’s easy to fight and do what my corner wants me to do and to be exciting for the fans. I think that’s maybe what separates me from most guys, is I just already have an exciting style that the fans are going to appreciate. For me, it’s about a matter of doing what my corner is asking me to do and carrying out our game plan and winning and looking great doing it.

I kind of feel a little extra excited, and I think that’s just because I know what’s in front of me is a very big opportunity and I do expect to get in there and have some fun with [Premier Boxing Champions], with Spike TV, and just win and look good doing it.  I think no extra pressure or anything like that. I think I’m made for the limelight and I’m ready for it.