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Here is an exclusive extract from Ricky Hatton’s interview in the Boxing News Annual:

Why didn’t the Junior Witter fight ever happen?

I asked Frank [Warren, his promoter at the time] for it immediately and Frank turned round and said ‘you’re both world class fighters, we’ll build it up into a big fight further down the line and you can fight for big money,’ so that made total sense.

It was different though because I was a ticket-seller, Junior wasn’t. I was boxing at the MEN [now the Manchester Arena] in front of thousands of people and Junior wasn’t and I found myself in the top five in the world. With Junior slagging me off as well, which was starting to get on my nerves, I was of the opinion that I was in the top five so why would I fight Junior Witter when I could fight Sharmba Mitchell, Kostya Tszyu and all these people for big money?

At the end of the day, I did want to fight him and I did want to beat him but why would I give him the opportunity and payday when he’s being so disrespectful and I was highly ranked anyway? It just lost its way, it’s one of those fights that got away and it would have been a good one. It made sense what Frank said and when he built me up, I moved on and Junior didn’t. We just lost the opportunity.