ANY fighter, indeed anyone who’s been hit in the mouth, can tell you how important a mouthguard is. It protects your teeth and helps prevent against injury to soft tissue. It is simply essential, a boxer needs one to spar or compete and he or she needs one that fits comfortably and allows them breathe with ease in a sport as intense and physically demanding as boxing.

OPRO is no stranger to impact. They are rugby’s most recognisable mouthguard manufacturer. In 2007 they received the Queen’s Award for Innovation in recognition of its ground-breaking work in improving children’s and sports players’ oral protection. They provide the official mouthpieces for world champions New Zealand, as well as the England and Australia rugby teams and they supply 10 of the 12 Aviva premiership clubs.

They make both Custom-fit and Self-fit mouthguards. (All their mouthguards, both Custom-fit and Self-fit are made in the UK.) Now OPRO is expanding into boxing and martial arts. With over 20 years experience in manufacturing them, they know a thing or two about mouthguards. But they want to discover more, specifically about what suits boxers and fighters and what features they want in mouthguards.

To that end OPRO have set up a survey to find out what people in boxing are looking for in mouthguards, click HERE to fill out a short survey and in return OPRO will enter you into a prize draw to win a PLATINUM MOUTHGUARD WORTH £25. There are 100 up for grabs!

Click HERE to fill in a short survey and be entered into a free prize draw