1 David Avanesyan (December 2022)

To produce one of the very best knockouts of the year so far, Crawford blinded Avanesyan with his left cross before coming back with a stiff right hook to leave his brave challenger flat on his back.

2 Jose Benavidez Jnr (October 2018)

With less than a minute to go in round 12, Crawford threw a left cross followed by a vicious right uppercut which caused Benavidez’s body to fold in on itself as he hit the canvas. He then rushed to finish him against the ropes with just 20 seconds remaining.

3 Julius Indongo (August 2017)

This all-southpaw battle ended when Crawford landed a huge left uppercut to Indongo’s body followed by a subsequent right hook in round three. Indongo, unbeaten at the time, writhed in pain and never got up.

4 Shawn Porter (November 2021)

Porter, never before stopped, was dropped early in the 10th round by a mammoth right uppercut. He was then later in that same round caught by a right hook and uppercut as he lunged forward, which left Porter angry and his corner convinced the fight needed to be stopped.

5 Egidijus Kavaliauskas (December 2019)

Crawford, having coasted the eighth round, started the ninth fast and nailed Kavaliauskas with a stiff left cross which backed him to ropes. He then dropped him with a sharp right uppercut before closing the show with a second knockdown, this time achieved with a right hook.

Terence Crawford attacks David Avanesyan during their fight in Omaha on December 10, 2022 (Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

6 Kell Brook (November 2020)

It was in round four that a beautiful counter right hook from Crawford wobbled Brook and led him across the ring into the ropes. With only the ropes keeping Brook up, the referee duly counted him, then stopped the fight seconds later when Crawford applied the finish.

7 Jeff Horn (June 2018)

Well and truly in survival mode by round nine, Horn was unsteady when moving around the ring and eventually dropped by a combination. Crawford then finished the fight with the referee rescuing Horn on his feet.

8 John Molina Jnr (December 2016)

In round eight Crawford busted Molina up with a series of straight lefts to the body before backing him into a corner and flurrying away until the referee intervened.

9 Felix Diaz (May 2017)

After jolting him with a variety of well-picked left uppercuts, and toying with him throughout, Crawford’s playtime with Diaz ended when Diaz’s corner stopped the fight after 10 rounds.

10 Amir Khan (April 2019)

The most anticlimactic of the lot, this fight ended when Crawford landed a low blow in round six and Khan, after signalling to his corner, decided he didn’t want to fight any longer.