Who’s your trainer as a professional?

Kelvyn [Travis] is my main coach, but Kelvyn’s away in Australia at the moment. He’s actually back the day after the fight. The past week and a half I’ve been with Nigel [Travis] and Jamie [Moore]. I was in the gym while Carl [Frampton] was having his media workout. It’s a nice gym in there. It’s a nice place to be. That’s where we train most of the time.

What’s the atmosphere like in the gym?

It’s good. Think about the names, you’ve got Carl Frampton there, you’ve got Martin Murray there, Tommy Coyle, Jack Catterall’s just joined. It’s a great set up. You’ve got Rocky Fielding there, Conrad Cummings, Steven Ward, Marc Leach, you’ve got loads of boxers there. It’s a great environment, all nice lads as well which is a bonus.

Do you think you’ll be sparring with Frampton?

Nigel’s already spoken to Carl about it. We’ll definitely sort something out. I’m a southpaw, Donaire’s a southpaw and it would be perfect sparring. I’ve got to get in the ring, replicate Donaire and throw as many right hooks as I can.

It’s good enough being in the gym with these people but to actually get in the ring with them will be even better… I’ve been watching him for years because I knew I’d be around super-bantamweight, featherweight. The best thing about him is how strong he is. People don’t realise how strong he is.

I really do rate him I think he’s a very good fighter.

What are the kind of things you’ve been working on as you turn pro?

Personally just planting my feet a bit more. You don’t really get the chance to do that in the amateurs. You’re always on your toes, picking your shots, looking to nick the points.

At the same time I don’t want to slow my feet down too much because that’s a big asset of mine, fast feet, fast hands.

You’ve been out of the ring for so long, how frustrating has it been?

It has been frustrating [but] the frustration of not fighting has gone. I’m just raring to go, I’m just going to get in there and do the business now.

Qais Ashfaq

I know you were with the Hayemaker team for a little while, can you say much about what happened there and what led you to Matchroom and Kelvyn Travis?

There’s not really a lot I can say other than we just decided to shake hands. There’s nothing bitter we just decided to part ways.

For me [Matchroom] is the best place to be right now. The Olympians that went to Rio with me are good friends of mine and they’ve said that to me themselves… They’ve given me some results, in a way it was a calculated move.