REGIS PROGRAIS says a fight against Jack Catterall could happen soon if other opponents are unavailable.

The 34-year-old super-lightweight fights at home in New Orleans against Danielito Zorrilla on June 17. His 30th professional contest will mark his first outing in 2023 and his debut for Matchroom after signing with Eddie Hearn last month.

Hearn also promotes Catterall. ‘El Gato’ joined the Essex outfit at the end of March along with Sunny Edwards and Shannon Ryan. The 29-year-old marked his first appearance for Matchroom by impressively beating Darragh Foley last weekend in Manchester.

Catterall is keen on facing Prograis and recently told Boxing News, “I don’t see any roadblocks in making that fight. We pretty much agreed terms a couple of months ago under a different banner [Probellum]. Through no fault of my own and Regis that fight fell through and now I believe with Eddie he can deliver that fight.”

Speaking to FightHype Prograis said the matchup can happen but only if a few other plans fall by the wayside.

“If we can’t get a Devin [Haney] or [Subriel] Matias or something like that next or like a Josh Taylor I think that probably would be the next fight because he’s with Matchroom too and it’s easier to get made.”

Prograis admitted he had not seen Catterall’s win over Foley but paid him full respect regardless.

“Jack is a good fighter, and we were supposed to fight [when] we was with the same company a while ago but it just didn’t work out. So hopefully we can still fight and guess what now we can make even more money and it can be an even bigger fight. Maybe that could be a next fight. We’ll see what happens.”

Another man who has Prograis on his radar is Devin Haney. A move to super-lightweight looks on the cards for the current super-lightweight champion who recently called Hearn to tell him ‘Rougarou’ was the fight he wanted at 140lbs.

Prograis expressed his own opinion on what Haney should do next and doubted whether the 24-year-old could handle the 10-stone division.

“Might be the best decision [for Haney] to fight Loma again but if he come to ‘40 they got bigger stronger people. Obviously, he has skills, but I don’t think he can stand up to those punches.

“He really doesn’t have too much power anyway so what he’s gonna do at ’40? I don’t know. Probably get a belt from Rolly [Rolando Romero] or something like that. I think he’s in a hard position. I think the best thing to do for him [is] bro you gotta run it back.”

The American admitted his surprise at Haney contacting Hearn. Prograis’ trainer told his charge he believes the number one lightweight is under pressure to do something because of the scrutiny surrounding his win over Lomachenko.

“My trainer was like Devin gonna have to do something big. He said what happens is people gonna pressure you into things. The media all talking like man you lost that fight so they get to you.

“So, he called Eddie. He said he wanna fight me, I think maybe it’s pressure or maybe he really feeling like that but yeah, I was surprised he said that. After Devin had that fight with Loma I was like bro ain’t no way he could come look at my way but he did so let’s do it.”

Southpaw Prograis did not mince his words when he was asked how he thought a fight between him and Haney would play out.

“I think I hurt him. I really think I hurt him. Stop him, I don’t know but I definitely think I hurt him.

“I mean just solely based on looking at Loma. Loma’s a left-handed fighter and Loma’s smaller. Loma hurt him a few times in that fight. I’m a natural ‘40 pounder and I actually have power. I do try to hurt my opponents. I’m going to try to hurt you.

“I’m fast and I’m strong so I just feel like if he got hit with the same shots from me that he got hit by with Loma I definitely feel like I’d hurt him.”