GIVE someone a bit of power and the chances are it’ll go to their head. The Goff’s went straight to his muscles and now he wants to pass it on to yours with this power workout routine. This should be used in between training camps or any time from up to four weeks away from fight night.

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1) Deadlifts into explosive shrugs – 4 sets, 5 reps, 2-3 minutes’ rest, up to 80 per cent of one-rep max load

Set your barbell on the floor. Start with your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands lined up on the outside of your hips, with the bar in an overhand grip. Role the barbell into your shins, and sit your hips down and away from the bar. Keep your arms locked, and pull your shoulders back. Once in this position, lift the barbell up along your legs until you hit your hips. Then drive your shoulders up towards the ceiling, keeping your arms locked, and shrug.

2) Barbell split-leg lunges – 4 sets, 10 reps (5 reps each leg), 2-3 minutes’ rest, up to 80 per cent of one-rep max load

Adopt a back squat starting position, and grip your barbell tight. Drive one leg forward, keeping your chest high and back straight. Drop your rear knee down towards the floor (but don’t let it touch the ground); your front leg will naturally fall into a 90-degree angle,but do not let your knee go past your toe. Then drive back up into a standing position.

3) Single-arm dumbbell push presses – 4 sets, 12 reps (6 reps each arm), 2-3 minutes’ rest, up to 80 per cent of one-rep max load

Grab a dumbbell, and keep your elbow tight in towards your body, similar to how it would be in a boxing stance. Keep your other hand out and away from your body to aid balanced. Keep your palms in towards your chest and knuckles facing out. Now dip your legs a slight fraction and drive the dumbbell up and towards the ceiling with your hand twisting outwards like when throwing a punch.

4) Box jumps – 4 sets, 6 reps, 90 seconds’ rest

Line your box up at knee-height. Dip into a quarter-squat position then drive your hips forward and up, aiming for a standing position on the box. Brace the landing and fully stand up on the box.

5) Cardio output – 3 sets. *Complete these three exercises for the time prescribed, but perform them two times round back-to-back with no rest. That is one, three-minute set. Rest for 40-60 seconds between sets, replicating three boxing rounds and the intervals between them.
3a) Kettlebell swings – 30 seconds
3b) Medicine ball rotational slams – 30 seconds (15 second each side
3c)Medicine ball overhead throws – 30 seconds

Swings: Keep your head up, back straight, arms fully extended forward in line with your shoulders and grip the kettlebell in line with the middle of your legs. Now bend at your hips and force the kettlebell back, through your legs. Now drive your hips forward quickly to shoot the kettlebell forward and back through your legs to its starting position.

Rotations: Stand one arm’s length away from a wall. Stay side-on to the wall, and grip the ball in both hands at the side furthest from the wall. Produce a hooking motion, rotate your hips and arms towards the wall. Release the ball against the wall and repeat.

Throws: The ball should start on the floor and between your feet. Dip into a squat motion with a straight back and chest high. With your arms fully extended inside your legs, grab your ball. Now drive up from your heels, taking the ball up with you, get onto your toes and throw the ball overhead.

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