TWO issues lead the way this week. Firstly, the old favourite: Pay-per-view. Eddie Hearn recently confirmed that PPV will find its way to DAZN to provoke the questions: What constitutes PPV? Is it unavoidable in the current climate? And, more generally, what makes a good boxing show

Secondly, Deontay Wilder’s decision to belatedly congratulate his conqueror, Tyson Fury, drew mixed reviews. His behaviour before and after fights is called into question with an admission that, as fans, we might be expecting too much from fighters who are trained to be violent.

The recent Sky Sports show – featuring Savannah Marshall, Chris Eubank Jnr and Hughie Fury – is reviewed while questions on the channel’s future in the sport are posed.

This Week In History is the bloody battle between Ricky Hatton and Jon Thaxton.

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