ELATED. Vindicated. Satisfied. All words that could accurately describe how the Fury family feel right now after Tyson Fury, led by trainer and uncle Peter, dethroned Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf and became the world heavyweight champion on Saturday night. The only potential downfall on the Furys’ victory parade is the much-discussed rematch clause that Klitschko has indicated he wishes to enforce. But Peter Fury, talking exclusively to Boxing News ahead of this afternoon’s homecoming press conference, is relishing the chance to pit wits against Klitschko once more and wants the return in England.

“It can be wherever it is most financially viable,” Peter said, nullifying previous statements from his nephew that the rematch would have to take place in Germany. “We are looking at a Wembley Stadium fight in the UK. It makes financial sense to do it sometime in May at Wembley.

“From what Tyson is doing in the gym, he only done 60 per cent of what he can achieve, against Klitschko, given the occasion, going into the unknown. We are looking forward to the rematch, to show all of what Tyson can do.”

Fans may have seen Tyson channeling his joy through the medium of hip hop, and Peter has revealed that the main protagonists did not imbibe to celebrate the glorious triumph.

“We’re all teetotalers,” he explained. “I reckon a few of our nephews and relatives had a drink, but Tyson never and I never. We relaxed, we got back last night [Sunday] and we’ve, got a press conference in Bolton this afternoon, which I hear will be a big event. It’s been a long hard road but we’re finally there.”