AFTER announcing his new company, Ringstar would link up with David Haye’s Hayemaker promotions, Richard Schaefer revealed he is speaking to potential new signings in both the UK and the USA.

“I’ve been very selective,” Schaefer told Boxing News. “I really want to focus on quality and not quantity and not just fighters who can fight in the ring, but really fighters who can transcend the sport and have an impact outside of the ring as well.”

Although Haye’s next fight will be on Sky Sports Box Office, the Tony Bellew fight is a one off. Hayemaker-Ringstar will announce a broadcast partner in due course. There are now new pay-per-view platforms for boxing, including ITV Box Office, which will screen Chris Eubank Jnr vs Renold Quinlan next month.

“I think it’s great the Sky pay-per-view monopoly was sort of broken. Other platforms can offer pay-per-view in the UK as well. That’s the good news. The bad news is you have to be really careful what events you put on pay-per-view and what is really a pay-per-view worthy event because when you go and ask people to pull out their wallet and pay, you need to make absolutely sure that it is super premium content and if it’s not, you really do the pay-per-view platform a disservice and you do the sport a disservice,” Schaefer commented.

“I’ve seen that in the UK suddenly you have a lot of pay-per-views and you have to be careful that you don’t oversupply the market with pay-per-views because people could turn very quickly on pay-per-view. So it’s a good thing that more providers are able to offer pay-per-view but it’s a bad thing as well because if you go to it too many times you can hurt the sport.”