Wayne Alexander
Former EBU champion

I think Whyte’s split from Tibbs might affect his next performance because they’ve been with each other for four years now. Both know each other well and it takes a while for trainers and boxers to gel. It comes down to Whyte, but at this age and stage of his career, it could be hard to start afresh.

Tris Dixon
Boxing Life Stories host

Sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes fighters continue to develop. Just because Whyte has a new trainer, it doesn’t mean he’s forgotten everything that he’s been shown by previous trainers. It’s always sad when successful relationships end but that’s part and parcel of the boxing business.

Chris McKenna
Boxing journalist

Mark Tibbs has done a great job with Whyte and it seems a bizarre decision to change now at such a pivotal time in his career. I can’t see it being a good move, especially considering he is replacing him with someone with much less experience and knowhow of working a corner at the top level.

Spencer Fearon
Historian and former pro

No it won’t. People get too drawn into things like this without knowing all the facts. I’ve got a lot of love and respect for Mark Tibbs but people can outgrow relationships and that’s what happened here. They were great for each other but Dillian knows exactly what he’s doing.

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