Chris Billam-Smith (European cruiserweight champion)

Robert Garcia could be beneficial to AJ as most of his fighters are more aggressive. However, that could play into Usyk’s hands if AJ doesn’t keep using his footwork and changing the range. Hitting the body is key for AJ. I’d still predict a close points win for Usyk, though, due to his IQ.

Ryan Walsh (Former British featherweight champion)

I see a repeat from the superior southpaw boxer from Ukraine. The only way there can be revenge for AJ would be a knockout, which, to me, would be a stunning upset. Uysk has the better ring IQ, foot speed and, ultimately, style. He will outbox AJ again.

Dave Allen (Heavyweight contender)

I give all credit to Anthony for always taking the biggest challenge and the Usyk rematch is the biggest possible challenge in boxing. Nothing works twice in my experience against the man, so to go in back-to-back 12-round contests with him deserves much applause. However, I think Usyk wins, possibly by stoppage if Anthony goes for the aggressive approach.

Jason Cunningham (European super-bantamweight champion)

I think it’ll be the same result. Usyk’s an elite fighter. I can’t see the new trainer link-up for Joshua making a massive difference given the short amount of time they’ve had working together. Plus, I just think Usyk is that good. He’ll take a lot from the first fight and probably adapt and make changes as well. Usyk wins.