Wayne Alexander (Former European welterweight champion)

Salvador Sanchez is a personal favourite. He simply had it all: a great chin, balance, footwork, timing, combination punching and very decent power. He was the WBC and Ring champion from 1980 to ’82 and beat future world champion Juan Laporte and a future Hall-of-Famer in Azumah Nelson. His career was tragically cut short, but in those two years as a world champion he showed all the attributes required to be an all-time great featherweight.

Jason Cunningham (Former European super-bantamweight champion)

Erik Morales. One of the Mexican greats and always entertaining. Had a great rivalry with Marco Antonio Barrera. Relentless fighter.

Dave Allen (Heavyweight contender)

I would have to go with Marco Antonio Barrera. He won the only fight he and Erik Morales had at featherweight, so that just about edges it to him for me.

Declan Warrington (Journalist)

He rarely spoken about in the same hushed tones as Marco Antonio Barrera or Erik Morales, but Juan Manuel Marquez. He was as graceful, fluid and aggressive a counter-puncher as any of his era, and repeatedly troubled a far greater Manny Pacquiao than the one Barrera and Morales encountered. Marquez, ultimately, had even more than those two – which shouldn’t be said lightly by anyone.