Paul Butler (WBO bantamweight belt-holder)

My favourite Mexican fighter would have to be Marco Antonio Barrera. Growing up watching the three Érik Morales fights, the Naseem Hamed fight, and the Manny Pacquiao fight made a big impression on me. He also boxed Paul Livermore Lloyd from my amateur gym and was close friends with my dad through his career. He was all-action and left it all in the ring.

Eric Donovan (Featherweight contender)

My favourite Mexican fighter was Érik Morales. I loved to watch him. He was entertaining and exciting, a true warrior. He displayed heart and courage from the first bell to the last and his trilogy with Marco Antonio Barrera contains probably the best 36 rounds of boxing you’ll ever see.

Maxi Hughes (Former British lightweight champion)

My favourite Mexican fighter is Juan Manuel Márquez. His heart, combinations and counterpunching have inspired me for many years.

Joe Gallagher (Top trainer)

My favourites are Juan Manuel Márquez, Ricardo López, and Julio César Chávez. I’m a huge admirer of Márquez and also López, who retired undefeated, but Chávez was someone whose fights I grew up watching. A good body puncher, he had some classic fights with Meldrick Taylor and Pernell Whitaker and was just great in his era.

Marco Antonio Barrera
Barrera and Morales go to war