Darren Barker
Fought Martínez

What a fantastic career he’s had, he achieved so much in the game. It is strange seeing him continue. He’s obviously got his reasons but what’s the goal? He’s won enough titles. My gut’s saying call it a day. I just don’t want to see him get hurt.

Paul Edwards
Coach & former fighter

He’s picking the right fights and he looks great. The only thing I hope is that he’s just doing it to enjoy it and not try to become a champ again. He’s got to not fight the elite boys.

Paul Smith
Ex British champion

I don’t think he should be anywhere near a ring at his age. I don’t understand these old boxers coming back risking their health for their ego. Having retired, I know the pain of losing boxing but your health is far more important than any passion or job and Martínez is risking his fighting on at the age of 46.

Andy Clarke
Sports commentator

If it’s what he wants to do and he’s passed his medicals then how I or anyone else feels about it is largely irrelevant. They get to decide when they retire, and boxers continuing past their best doesn’t diminish them in my eyes.

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