Anthony Crolla
Former WBA belt-holder

Ian John-Lewis got it badly wrong that night. He’s not the first and he won’t be the last, but they’ve got to be seen to be doing something about it. There’s always going to be controversy in the scoring of fights. We could be here for days, and we wouldn’t get the right answer.

Joe Gallagher
Two-time BN trainer of the year

Have they set a precedent now? Are they going to analyse all cards for all shows going forward or is it only when there’s a public outrage and it goes to the House of Commons that the Board acts? They could have themselves quite a precedent there. It’s a grey area.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager

I think it’s good that referees may begin feeling more accountable. Previously, to say, ‘Well, that’s how I saw it,’ was enough to explain what have been frankly bizarre decisions. Taylor-Catterall may provide a much needed precedent.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

Simply not good enough. How did they come to the decision? Was it because they didn’t haul Victor Loughlin in front of the stewards for also getting the scoring terribly wrong? I like that John-Lewis has been downgraded, that there will be more assessment but there needs to be more improvement.