Hannah Rankin
Middleweight contender

I would love to see a female lightweight tournament in season three. There’s such a lot of talent there and you’d definitely have fighters wanting to move up or down from super-feather and super-light to take part. It would be very exciting to watch.

Chris McKenna
Boxing journalist

The dream would be heavyweight but that’s not financially viable. I’d love to see featherweight with Warrington, Xu Can, Russell Jnr alongside Frampton and Santa Cruz if they could get back down in weight. The next best would be bantam with Inoue, Casimero, Rigondeaux and Ouballi.

Ed Robinson
Senior Producer, Sky Sports

I don’t think there can be many surprises in picking heavyweight, although, fingers crossed, we may be getting there without the official tournament format. I keep thinking back to HBO and Don King bringing the belts together for the ‘Heavyweight World Series’ in the 80s, when Mike Tyson first wreaked havoc.

Joe Gallagher
Leading trainer

If it’s the men I’d like to see one in a weight class where we haven’t had one before. Perhaps at 154 or 160 but the light-heavyweights are also full of talent and would make a good tournament. In women’s boxing, let’s do one at super-feather, though I think Eddie Hearn is already plotting that!