Robert Smith

The first time I went there as a representative of the Board. It was for the Joe Calzaghe-Bernard Hopkins fight in 2007 and I was immediately struck by both how awful and fantastic the place was. The British fans were in great form, everyone got along and atmosphere was incredible. And I can still hear that unmistakeable noise from the casinos.

Mike Costello

Floyd Mayweather beating Oscar De La Hoya in May 2007. It was my first live commentary at a monster Vegas occasion and there has been none bigger since. The fight helped transform Mayweather into a superstar – and the midweek afternoon at his gym watching him work (at full pelt) with Uncle Roger was one of those experiences that don’t come in bunches.

Nigel Collins

Covering the epic Marvin Hagler-Thomas Hearns fight ringside was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. I had been editor of The Ring for less than a year and couldn’t believe my luck. Little did I know at the time that I’d never see anything quite like it in again.

Billy Graham

Going over there with Ricky Hatton, I took it all in my stride. It’s only now when I look back on it I realise how huge it was. I’ve got to say the fans are my most treasured memory, they really were the best in the world. Nobody has ever treated me so well as Ricky’s fans. I was constantly recognised, it was exhausting at times, but those fans always meant to the world to me.

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