Wayne McCullough (Former WBC bantamweight champion)

There’s only one word to describe the trilogy between Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward: Wow! They both showed guts, determination and will to win. Ward won the first fight, landing his left hook to the body that no one gets up from… except Gatti! Gatti won the second and third fights but I believe those fights took 10 years off each of them. I fought Gatti in the amateurs and am great friends with Ward to this day. I can attest to how tough both are.

Michael Conlan (Featherweight contender)

My all-time favourite is Érik Morales vs. Marco Antonio Barrera. Those three fights were played on repeat in our house by my older brother, so I always watched them. A proper rivalry between two men who had serious dislike for each other. We loved Morales and loved his style.

Wayne Alexander (Former European super-welterweight champion)

It would have to be the Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier fights because their styles and personalities jelled so well. Their first fight was one of the most anticipated in decades, the second was closer but still hard-fought, and the third fight was one of the best and most exciting heavyweight championship fights ever.

Ryan Walsh (Former British featherweight champion)

Undoubtedly, in terms of quality, intensity, and pre-fight antics, it has to be the all-Mexican clash between Érik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera. It had everything, including controversial scoring which only added to the overall drama.