Ryan Walsh (Former British featherweight champion)

Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward. Their styles and attitudes absolutely complemented each other and there was never a boring moment. The ebb and flow, the blood and guts, those fights had everything. They rightly won “Fight of the Year” for it. Two warriors; three great encounters.

Gary Logan (Coach)

Has to be the Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield trilogy for me. Every fight delivered irrespective of Bowe’s gradual deterioration, condition-wise, over the course of their rivalry. The first fight was a classic and arguably the best heavyweight fight of my lifetime; the second fight was a super-fight and had the infamous “Fan-Man”; and the third fight saw both men hit the floor and Bowe close out the series with a win.

Jordan Gill (Former European featherweight champion)

The immediate answer would be Gatti vs. Ward, but I think the (Marco Antonio) Barrera vs. (Erik) Morales trilogy trumps it. In that one there were two elite Mexicans with genuine dislike for each other, power in both hands and all-action styles. It made for a trilogy for the ages. Also, Morales was one of my favourite fighters ever.

Joe Gallagher (Coach)

There are so many great ones. Everyone goes on about Gatti vs. Ward, or Barrera vs. Morales, or Bowe vs. Holyfield, or (Muhammad) Ali vs. (Joe) Frazier, but there’s also Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez. I know there were four fights in that rivalry but their first three were brilliant. In terms of the very best, though, you’d probably have to say Ali vs. Frazier.