Frazer Clarke
GB super-heavy

If it was anyone else I’d say they’re wasting people’s money and it’s pathetic but seeing as they’re both my heroes I can’t really. But I hope they both get out of there safe and if it is an exhibition I hope it’s sensible. I hope it’s more of an entertaining show than a fight.

Nathan Gorman
British title challenger

Tyson-Jones, with their age hats off to them, for the shape Tyson’s got himself into, that they’re back out and fighting. If Tyson enters the ring with that instinct that everyone loves and knows, you know exactly what’s going to happen, he’s going to take heads off isn’t he?

Solomon Dacres
Heavyweight prospect

I think the legends should just leave it where it’s been. They’ve done everything in the ring. But I’ll watch it to see what happens. To be fair it’s not a comeback where they’re coming back to fight some champion, they’re both fighting each other, that same age.

Simen Nysaeter
Pro fighter

Two legends meet, but It’s 25 years too late. It’s a bit selfish of me to say that I love that this is happening, they should think about their health. I understand the money is tempting, but to have a body and head that works as good as possible would be my priority at that age.

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