Sam Maxwell
British and Commonwealth champ

I think Kell Brook should fight again. He showed that there is a lot left in the tank and there are some big fights out there for him. I’ve seen a few people saying they would take the fight and out of them I think Liam Smith would be a great fight.

Tony Jeffries
Olympic medallist

I think Kell should call it a day. He’s turning 36 this year. He’s had a great career now he should get out of the sport while he is fit and well.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

I hope he fights Conor Benn. I was working with Conor at the weekend and he immediately called for the fight, and at 150lbs. That would be perfect. There could be promotional issues but if Kell’s a free agent then it can hopefully happen.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

Retire. Few can bow out on such a high-profile win. He’s earnt well and I don’t want to see him beaten vs a young beast coming up.

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