Kalle Sauerland
Influential Promoter

I have nothing against it. It’s a sport for everyone, if they train properly and they approach the sport with respect. But there are no shortcuts and they need to be matched like any other novice pro and treated like any other novice pro. The part that I find distasteful is calling out proper seasoned pros.

Tony Jeffries
Olympic medallist

I absolutely love what Jake Paul is doing, bringing new eyes to boxing. I’ve never had so many people new people joining my boxing gym because of one ‘boxer’. He is inspiring a lot people to box and hopefully inspiring current fighters to use social media more.

Mickey Helliet
Boxing manager

To thrive in boxing you have to identify and accommodate the latest trends. It doesn’t rest well with me that inexperienced brawlers with next to zero talent earn purses that dwarf world class fighters’ pay but it is what it is…

Chris McKenna
Sports journalist

The argument that he brings money and eyes to the sport, doesn’t wash. Manchester United would get Sky more viewers if they put a YouTuber on up front but it doesn’t happen because it is not sport. Promoters will chase this YouTube money and forget about the talented fighters coming through that need building.

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