Thomas Stalker
Former GB boxing captain

Deontay Wilder needs to get Tyson Fury’s respect early, not let Fury push him back as much and get the centre of the ring. Wilder has a puncher’s chance so needs to land it. But I’m expecting the same outcome with Fury coming through okay.

Micky Helliet
Manager & promoter

Wilder’s inability to keep his shape and box while moving backwards was his undoing in his last fight with Fury. He needs to have learned how to slip inside and stay there without getting hit and how to fight inside and counter to have any chance.

Paul Smith
Former British champion

While I’m sure he can do things different stylistically and tactically, I’m not sure anything will be different enough. Wilder’s best chance in the Fury fight is to win by knockout. That’s something he can certainly do. His power is frightening but I think Fury will be switched on bell to bell for 12 rounds.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

Wilder needs to hold his ground in the early rounds as he just let Fury bully him around the ring last time out. He also needs to stop Fury getting inside his range as his right hand is only effective when he fully extends it. Can he overturn the result? I don’t believe so but I think he will have his moments in the third fight.

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