Joe Gallagher (Top trainer)

What do you class as a YouTube fighter these days? It’s basically white-collar boxing. But the card at the weekend was well-attended and it’s bringing new eyes to the sport, I suppose. It’s still hard to take on board, but what do you class as YouTube boxing now? I’ve heard a few professionals say they’re going to go and become YouTube fighters.

Tyrone McKenna (Welterweight contender)

I don’t mind YouTubers boxing. Jake Paul, for example, is giving the boxers on his shows a chance to earn money and create new fans who wouldn’t usually watch boxing. So if it helps boxing get a bigger fan base, why not?

Jake Limond (Super-lightweight prospect)

I think YouTube boxing is good so long as it’s done correctly. The event that was on the other day was good because all the fighters trained hard and put on a good show. It’s also good for bringing new eyes to the sport and potentially making more young people join boxing clubs and keeping them off the street.

Maxi Hughes (Lightweight contender)

I think the positives outweigh the negatives. They bring new eyes and lots of attention to the sport. I just don’t want them short-cutting their way to titles and not earning it.

Linus Udofia (Middleweight contender)

I don’t like it, but I appreciate the new audience they bring to the sport.