Micky Helliet
Manager & promoter

The referees go through a stringent training process so are experienced. Steve Gray was the man nearest to the action and in a good position to read the fight. Personally I would have accepted the retirement but this is a professional sport, it’s essential that we respect the decision-making of the referees.

Dave Coldwell
Leading trainer

Steve Gray’s one of the best referees we’ve got but he made an error of judgement. When you’re hurt to the body it can leave you open to getting nailed with something massive to the head. A cornerman throwing the towel in is him saying he doesn’t want to see his man take any more punishment. That’s enough.

Tony Jeffries
Olympic bronze medallist

Steve was wrong. No one knows a fighter better than his corner and their decision should be respected.

Richard Poxon
Manager and promoter

I’m not digging or singling Steve out here but I’ve said for a while that officials are so desperate to keep getting picked for the jobs that it feels it’s become a bit ‘got to make sure I get invites back so…’ The corner threw the towel in. In my opinion, Steve should have respected that.

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