Tony Jeffries
Olympic medallist

Yes. For me it was not about the punishment Shawn had received up to that point but the damage that was to come. Kenny Porter knows his son better than anyone and Crawford is one of the most vicious finishers in boxing.

Joe Gallagher
Top trainer

We’ve seen the knockdown, Shawn knew where he was, he was banging the canvas, got up, was willing to carry on. The dad came up and stopped it. I think Shawn could have carried on. His dad knows best it seems and he wasn’t willing to stand there and let Crawford possibly finish the show in spectacular fashion.

Micky Helliet
Boxing manager

It was clear that Shawn Porter definitely could have carried on but the reality was he was completely spent. He was saved from taking unnecessary punishment.

Andy Scott
Boxing broadcaster

It was a shock that he stood up on the apron waving the towel when he did. But I didn’t have any issue with it, he’s his trainer, he’s his father more importantly and he knew what had happened behind the scenes. You don’t need to see someone like Porter go out cold. It was only going to go one way that point.

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