Jon Thaxton
British and EBU champion

I’m glad it’s happening. Better late than never. I don’t think it’ll have the same impact which it would have had if it was say, 10 years ago. It’s a fascinating fight. It’s a case of who’s got more left and I think it’ll be Kell Brook to win.

Darren Barker
Former IBF belt-holder

I would rather see these fights happen when fighters are in their prime. I would have much rather seen this fight a few years ago when it really meant something. It’s finally settling a score but what does it really matter?

Paul Smith
Two-time British champion

I’m torn. It’s a fight that I always wanted to see. Both fighters are past their best and I think it’s a different fight now. Now punch power comes into it more because of speed, and reflexes and timing will have deteriorated. Better late than never I suppose.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

Better late than never but I fully understand anyone who has lost interest in it and refuses to buy it. They are both past their best. But while it won’t decide who is the best between them in their prime, it will still be an intriguing fight. It just doesn’t do anything for their careers or legacy anymore.

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