Michael Conlan (Featherweight contender)

Yes, I believe it’s a better fight. I think Smith is a better all-round fighter than Benn. The experience and level he has competed at is much higher. The only reason Eubank Jnr-Benn was big was because of the history between the families.

Denzel Bentley (British middleweight champion)

Yes. Eubank Jnr-Smith is a much better fight because Smith is naturally bigger than Benn and has been a world champion. He won’t be small at middleweight. In fact, he’s a proper fighter who has fought the big names at 154 pounds and achieved more than Eubank Jnr in the sport of boxing. Conor Benn, meanwhile, was a mismatch for Eubank Jnr.

Jason Cunningham (Former European super-bantamweight champion)

Both are great fights. However, I feel that in terms of size and what they’ve both achieved, Eubank Jnr vs Smith is the better fight. Smith is a former world champion and a proven fighter. Also, he’s similar to Eubank Jnr in size. On the other hand, it was the whole Eubank and Benn history and rivalry that made the Eubank Jnr vs Benn fight intriguing. There were question marks over how Benn would perform stepping up in weight and also how Chris would perform after the weight cut and rehydration clause.

Linus Udofia (Middleweight contender)

For me, it is. Eubank Jnr vs Smith is a legacy fight, whereas Eubank Jnr vs Benn was no more than a fantasy fight.