Joe Gallagher (Top trainer)

I’m really looking forward to this. Ruiz ripped the title away from Anthony Joshua, then overfed himself for the rematch, and Ortiz is one of the avoided fighters in the heavyweight division. What does he have left to offer? If he comes fully motivated, he’s a dangerous proposition. He punches hard. But Ruiz has looked good in his social media posts and has quick hands and is explosive. Both are in the last chance saloon. It’s a bit like an old 1980s heavyweight fight.

Tyrone McKenna (Welterweight contender)

Ruiz looks in great nick leading up to this fight. I watched him on the pads the other day and he looks like he means business. With the amount of mileage on Ortiz’s clock, I can’t see it going the distance. I can actually see Ruiz getting the win inside six rounds.

Jake Limond (Super-lightweight prospect)

If Andy Ruiz is fit and has taken his training seriously, I can see him winning by decision. But if he’s been slacking during training, I think Ortiz will handle him.

Maxi Hughes (Lightweight contender)

I think Ortiz has the skillset to beat Ruiz. He may have to come through some rough patches in the fight but I’m going for Ortiz on points.

Linus Udofia (Middleweight contender)

It’s a hard fight to call. I’m not sure how much Ortiz has left and Ruiz didn’t look great against Chris Arreola. If Ruiz can stay away from Ortiz’s back hand, I’ll go for Ruiz winning on points.