Skye Nicolson
Tokyo Olympian

Terri should probably have a warm up fight. The fight she had at the weekend was quite evenly matched and that’s hard for someone coming off two hand surgeries and a year out of the ring. She could possibly look at moving up a division. Kid Galahad could also go up in weight and have a fight for confidence.

Lisa Whiteside
C’wealth Games gold medallist

A tough comeback but that’s the test a great champion passes. Galahad was in with a real puncher in Kiko Martínez but I was surprised at how hittable he was. Maybe he looked past him. Terri had been inactive due to injury but her opponent boxed well. Terri has achieved so much at a young age, she will come again.

Andy Clarke
Sports commentator

Galahad should take the immediate rematch, at 31 he has no time to waste. For Harper it’s different. The last two years have been a huge rollercoaster for her. She’s proven herself to be a very good fighter already and she’s still only 25, there should be a lot more to come so there’s no need to rush.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

I think both should go for rematches. Galahad looked class before he got hurt and will tighten up defensively for a rematch. Harper’s confidence will be hurt and she has been inactive for a while. But I expect her to want to jump back in.

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