Wayne Alexander (Former European super-welterweight champion)

I don’t have much interest in seeing that. The first fight was such an emphatic win for Smith that it’s hard to see how a rematch would sell. Also, I’m not sure if Chris would feel comfortable being the B-side this time. Chris, it has to be said, looked weak and vulnerable against Liam and he might have struggled to make middleweight. A rematch at super-middle would be more suitable for Eubank but, with Smith recently coming up from super-welterweight, I can’t see him agreeing to that.

Nate Collins (Commonwealth featherweight champion)

I would expect a rematch between Smith and Eubank Jnr to go very much the same way. I think Liam has enough left in him to go and have another crack at a few big names and be competitive against them. However, he can obviously get a big payday from a Eubank Jnr rematch and also by fighting the likes of Kell Brook.

Dave Allen (Heavyweight contender)

I would definitely watch it again. The rematch would be massive. Also, I wouldn’t be writing Eubank Jnr off if the second fight was made again at 160 pounds and he made a few huge changes.

Declan Warrington (Journalist)

None. Eubank Jnr doesn’t seem capable of convincingly making 160lbs anymore, and there was nothing about those four rounds that suggested a rematch would be vastly different. At best, it makes sense, financially, for Smith.