Paul Butler (WBO bantamweight belt-holder)

I think it’s a brilliant fight. I can see Ryan starting really fast and leading until Gervonta catches up with him and his power starts to play a part. I think he will stop Garcia once he has him hurt, but it’s a fight I’d love to see.

Eric Donovan (Featherweight contender)

This is a great match up – if it happens. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, we are teased about the possibility of these type of fights happening as opposed to them actually happening. Hopefully this one does happen. If it does, I see the fight going two ways: either a Garcia points win or a Davis KO. If I’m pushed to pick one, I’d go with the latter.

Garcia has got the height and reach advantage in this fight and I think that can serve him well. His left hook – to body and head – are his best punches and his hand speed is great. But he still makes fundamental mistakes that an elite level southpaw fighter can expose, as we have seen in the Luke Campbell fight. He has a low-hanging right hand, which is made for a left hook, and he holds his chin quite high, particularly when he attacks, and that’s when you’re at your most vulnerable.

Davis is a ferocious fighter, a throwback type. He has devastating speed and power in both hands. Now, as much as he is physically adept, he is very astute. We saw that in the Leo Santa Cruz and Rolly Romero fights, where he was getting picked off in the early rounds, but never out-boxed. During these periods he remained calm and composed, but always hunting, until he came up with the equaliser, that perfectly delivered punch, the game changer.

It’s not a matter of if Davis will land that left hook on Garcia, it’s a matter of when, and I feel when he does land, he’ll finish the job.

Maxi Hughes (Former British lightweight champion)

I see Garcia forcing the fight early, letting his hands go, looking good and winning rounds. Tank will remain patient, though, will be happy to lose rounds while working him out and eventually getting a mid-to-late stoppage.

Joe Gallagher (Top trainer)

I’m really exited by that fight. The build-up will be great. I’m sure Garcia will have his moments in the fight, but I just think Gervonta Davis will be too good in the end. I’m glad it’s happening now – or could happen now – rather than when they’re in their thirties.

Ryan Garcia measures Javier Fortuna